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Frequent Asked Questions

Will the Radiant Floor Heating System provide all of my heat?

In most cases modern insulating techniques make it possible for Radiant Heating Systems to provide all of a building’s heating requirements, even in the most extreme environment. There are times however, when supplementary heating may be required.

Buildings or rooms with large heat losses can present a problem. For example, a large living room with a vaulted ceiling and a full wall of two-story glass would present a problem for any heating system. The high heat loss of the glass coupled with chilled air cascading down the window will need special attention. A very effective solution is to combine a Radiant Heating System with a baseboard heater under the windows to counter the extra heat loss and cascading air in that area.

Another factor that can interfere with the ability of the Radiant Heating System to provide complete heating is heavy floor covering. Plush carpet in a well designed and insulated building is not a problem, but plush carpet in an area with a lot of glass or higher than average heat loss can reduce the output of the heated floor to the point where it cannot deliver all of the heat required. In this situation a lighter floor covering can be used, the heat loss of the room reduced, or supplemental heat added.

The option for supplemental heat is designed into the radiant residential floor heating system for use when needed and becomes part of the complete system rather than a separate independent system.

This gives the radiant floor heating system flexibility to handle a variety of situations.