Radiant vs Conventional

What to consider? Take a look below for additional considerations about radiant flooring.

Radiant vs Conventional

Radiant panel heating is a growing trend in North America for its distinct benefits. Instead of warming air and then circulating it throughout your home using ducts and vents, hydronic radiant heat panels are under your floor and use the entire floor to distribute low-temperature heat evenly.

Starting with the floor, objects are warmed, giving your home a more inviting feeling as your furniture and other fixtures lose their chill. Now the common complaint of cold feet is cured by heating your floor and letting heat naturally radiate from the floor.

Hydronic radiant heat is ideal for your entire home, living room, kitchen, basement, bedroom and bathrooms. Unlike other forms of heat, you can easily zone individual areas. Each of these zones can be controlled by its own thermostat. Now you can designate specific temperatures for these areas making your home energy efficient without sacrificing comfort.

Hydronic radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat available. Significantly less operating time is required to maintain the desired warmth compared to furnaces and other methods of heating, keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Sunboard radiant heat panels can be used as a primary heating source. Contact a consultant at NESR Inc. to discuss your options.

Sunboardpanel™ radiant heat system offers a superior living environment compared to conventional forced air. Since there are no blowers, noise and dust are reduced to make your home cleaner and more peaceful.

The concern for bulky ductwork or the inconvenient placement of floor registers is eliminated with our hydronic radiant heating system. No longer do you have to worry about limited wall space to accommodate a conventional heating system.

High-efficiency boilers make radiant heat one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Coupled with a well-insulated home, these systems can quickly warm your home and then shut down or wait idly for long periods of time before being called upon by the thermostat to operate.


Comfort is the most irrefutable reason to consider radiant heat for your home. Radiant floor heat causes temperatures to be higher at the floor level, keeping you warmer. And when your feet are warm, you feel warmer all over.

Our systems are installed throughout the entire floor surface, so there are no hot spots. Radiant heat puts the heat where the occupants are, not at the ceiling like conventional systems do.

Clean and Healthy

The Sunboardpanel™ radiant heating system does not dehumidify the air, so in the winter, room humidity is ideal. Unlike forced hot air, radiant heat will not dry out you or your furniture. Without fans or blowers, radiant is dust free, so it is also cleaner than conventional heating systems.

Various particles, bacteria and pet dander fall to the floor for easy clean up rather than constantly circulating in the air, so your family will stay healthier in the colder months.